Personality Test

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A standard personality test tests different aspects to help guide a person in the direction of what their profession should be. Often young adults get lost in choosing what they want their job to be. During my Developmental Psychology class, I took this test to see if what I wanted my profession to be correlated with what the personality test stated. The test asked you various questions ranging from hobbies to family ties. All of these factors contribute to a persons occupational choice. Following partaking in the test I had three different job choices, all in the education field. The first was a second grade english teacher, the second was a principal, and the third was a counselor. This test helped solidify that I am in the right field. Teaching and helping influence others in a positive manner motivates me to continue in this direction. These test are seen to be very accurate and looked highly upon.


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The Power of Teachers

The Big Idea

Most people say teachers are under-appreciated and I agree. This reason among many is why I’m so passionate about becoming a teacher. I have the power to influence someone to be great. A teacher helps you learn reading, writing, and other basic skills you will need in order to navigate throughout life. Without teachers we wouldn’t have doctors, and lawyers, and high paid occupations as a whole because no one would know how to function. The power of a teacher is enormous. I encourage more people to look into teaching as well. Knowing that you helped someone be great is the best feeling ever. Think about Steve Jobs, without his K-12 teachers he wouldn’t be where he was, because those teachers laid the ground work for Steve Jobs to become the great success he is today. Not to say it’s owed to teachers, but without them his success would not be as much as it is. 

Stepping Stones, Lessons Learned


Directed towards my goals and aspirations I know that there are stepping stones, stairs, and tribulations I must overcome. My success will not come over night, and others who are successful often say it. The picture above represents that I must climb the ladder of success and work for what I want in life. Being a teacher and getting to the point of eduction that I want to attain will not come over night. Step-by-step, milestone-by-milestone I have to work and put in my best efforts. Without work there is no progress. Being a teacher, I have many licenses to get, and many learning experiences to go through. Certifications require school, school requires my time and efforts, and my time efforts equate to me climbing that ladder. There will be times where my legs get tired but I know that in order to succeed I must finish climbing to reach the top. Being a teacher comes with great responsibility, without teachers we wouldn’t have learned how to read and write and overall comprehend anything without teachers. I love knowing that I have an influence in help bettering others.


procrastinateProcrastination is an issue that many people face, not only college students and teens. Putting things off in life and thinking “I have tomorrow” is where the problem snowballs. The phrase “snowball” comes from a problem or issue starting out small but the longer the problem persists, the bigger it spirals out of control. Throughout life and obstacles one puts puts things off such as homework, simply waiting because the due date is a week away. While doing other things, the assignment due date approaches swiftly. Now, one is left to rush and complete the assignment versus either slowly completing it over the week so it would be complete in time, or completing it the day the assignment was given. Putting homework off or on the back burner to other things is not smart. Other professors will assign homework, and like the picture used above you will too be trying to figure out ow you are going to complete all of the homework. Planning and time management are one of the many keys to success in life.

“Crab In The Bucket” Theory


The “Crab In The Bucket” theory states that there are several crabs in one bucket, and one attempts to climb out, following this the others pull him down. The “crab mentality” is if I can’t have it neither can you. If the crabs worked together, they could escape. Instead, their selfishness and distrust maintains the status quo. This is also used as a metaphor to describe human behavior. An example that can be applied to your life, say the bucket is your job, and you want to leave to try something new. Do your friends and co-workers encourage that leap of faith, or do they try and pull you back down to reality? You have to think about this in life. You need to surround yourself around positive people who will uplift you. Doing this can drag you down and hold you back. The saying “Birds of a feather flock together” is true. If you hang around others who aren’t influencing you to do better you will be stagnant.



Andrew_Classroom_De_La_Salle_University.jpegTeaching K-12 has been a dream of mine since I was child. I’d often play teacher with my siblings, being the teacher of course. I would draw up mini-lesson plans and would get upset if my siblings did not play along. Throughout college I would get told how imperative internships were because an internship in the field in which you want your profession to be is great exposure. Doing an internship gives you the best experience without having the job yet. Being a student teacher is my next goal for an elementary school so I can experience first hand exactly what it will be like to teach my on classroom. Also, this can help me create connections for my future endeavors. A student teacher gives me the advantage to learn from a teacher, almost like a student-mentor relationship. This is very beneficial to me in the long run so that way when I graduate with my degree and get into a classroom , my feet will already be wet regarding how to run my own classroom.

Developmental Psychology

photo.jpgMy freshman year here at Prairie View A&M University I took the class by the name of “Developmental Psychology” instructed by Dr. Wilson. This class was not directly apart of my degree plan, but it sparked my interest so I took the class. While in this class Dr. Wilson taught us not only technical psychology terms that you would learn in a textbook, but he also taught us in the perspective that us students would understand. Dr. Wilson would often say our generation uses a different form of logical thinking. We do before we think, and wanting to be a teacher I am going to deal with children doing just that. This class gave me tools I can take and use and apply to my own classroom once I reach that point in my life. I am overall glad I took Dr. Wilson’s class, because without this class and me taking another Psychology course I might not have retained the information I did in Dr. Wilson’s class in another.

Degree Plan

Financial-Plan-ChecklistAs I continue to progress throughout my academic career here at Prairie View, I find great satisfaction in watching myself cross off classes on my degree plan. When I first arrive at Prairie View A&M University that course selection sheet was empty besides my basic core classes. I am a Junior now, and most of my classes are complete which means I am that much closer to graduating and moving into the field I would like to be my occupation, whites a teacher. To most it would seem like nothing, but my degree plan shows that I have been putting in work and whenever there were times where I felt like I wanted to give up, that paper reminds me why I’m glad I did not give up. Hard work and dedication pays off in the end once you reach your goal. The degree plan is a good constant reminder that everything I am doing at Prairie View A&M University is readying me for my future as a teacher.

Getting Closer To Christ

cross at sunset

Throughout College I have found that my relationship with God has its highs and lows. At times in my life I am really close to God, at others I am distant or not as close as I would like to be. Certain things in life stray you away from God, though this is not an excuse, I often find myself lost in life. I was raised that the closer you are to God the more good will come to you. My family was very religious growing up so I am a firm believer that anything I am going through in my life I am built for. I feel lost at times but I know that if I continue to pray and try my best and do everything according to God’s word I will continue to succeed and be the best person that I can be. I can’t name one thing God hasn’t brought me through and I love that. Life is all about patience and I am learning that about myself. 

Collegiate Academics


Throughout my academic career as I continue to progress throughout college it does not get easier, yet harder honestly. This is how I know that I am motivated to succeed in school. Like other students it is often times where I want to give up in school and attempt to do something else. School is big test as to if you can truly succeed but it is based solely on you effort and yours alone. If you do not try and put best your efforts you will not succeed. That is how life is. If you do not try you will not succeed. I often grow frustrated with the pile up of work and the stress to try and figure out what exactly my purpose for life is. That is my biggest academic struggle. I know I want to be a teacher, but I do not want to put in all this work only to realize that it is not my dream. However, I know that I have to try my best to succeed in school and that is my plan.